Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tea Selection

(Cup $2.25, Pot $3.50)
From Japan

Megami Sencha
Harvested in Kagoshima prefecture. You’ll immediately note the beautiful jade green color. Very premium green tea.

Matcha, Japan’s legendary powdered tea mixed with green tea and roasted rice.

Delicate twigs from the first flush are lightly roasted. Deep, sweet, wee-rounded flavor.
Less caffeine.

Iced Matcha($4.00)
Matcha is traditionally used for the tea ceremony. Stone-ground matcha is wisked by hand. Make it sweetened or not is your preference.

From China

White peony (White)
The hand picked leaves of White Peony are multi-hued like autumn foliage.

Budding Jasmine Rose (Green)
Suddenly, your table is filled with the beauty and bouquet of flowers. Young silver-tip tea leaves of exceptional quality are scented with jasmine. Watching each flower emerge moments are meditative.

Jasmine Pearl (Green)
Young tip tea leaves are hand-rolled into small “pearls”. This premium tea fills your cup with pale orange brew and floral bouquet.

From India

Organic Makaibari Estate 2nd Flush Darjeeling
A treasure of the Himalayan summer, this gorgeous second flush estate Darjeeling was plucked in the weeks before the summer monsoons. Very aromatic, mouthwatering, and well-balanced.

From Ceylon

Earl Grey
The custum blend combines select Ceylon tea from the higher regions with bergamot oil.
Here’s a classic tea that transitions effortlessly from morning through afternoon.


Organic peppermint
This is an infusion that will refresh you from the first sip. A perfect caffeine free.

German Chamomile
This superior grade chamomile flowers offer a sunny, light straw flavor and delicate floral bouquet.

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